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Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 10 months ago



Welcome to the Mediagate MG-350HD wiki!


This page is relatively new, but is being actively updated by the MG-350HD user community.


The most recent activity in the wiki can be seen by clicking the "Recent Activity" tab, to the right.

We have a Yahoo group. Please join us if you're interested.


Please use "point-and-click" mode when you edit pages. Mixing of "point-and-click" and "classical mode" don't work well. 


Wiki Contents


  • FAQ
    • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Hardware
    • Details of the chips and connectors of MG-350HD
  • Firmware
    • Details of the factory-provided firmware
  • Development
    • Details of the "homebrew" firmware, and how to develop for the MG-350HD
  • Wishlist
    • What would make the "homebrew" MG-350HD really, really good would be if ...
  • Reflashing
    • Recovering a bricked MG-350HD
  • Console Port
    • Adding a permanent console port to your MG-350HD
  • Crystal Replacement
    • How to replace the 27MHz crystal on the motherboard, a possible cause of random resets/lockups/green screens of death.




These pages are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Air Link Tech, Pty Ltd, the South Korean company that manufactures the MG-350HD. Air Link have shown themselves to be less than helpful in responding to their user community, and less than forthcoming in complying with their legal obligations under the GPL, so we're going it alone.

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